NACRÉ FRATERNITÉ / Salvatore Arancio, Alex Bunn, Richard Evans, Adham Faramawy, Jo Nigoghossain, Eva Rothschild

P.V. / Thursday 15th February 6-9pm

OPEN / everyday Thursday 15th February to Sunday 25th February 10am-5pm.

FLAT:TWO / is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by London and New York based artists. The press release is a commissioned poem by Joseph Harms.




Deadon aslant entrained unfocused dolines maelstrom.  Not-

ice (stillicidefont) still horizoned and austere the mare not there

unless peripheried (how stars gain color) haunting past

the snow afloat an arch’.  Limboblue.  The trees come and go

incurs’d detimed offing’d.  The fainting silhouettes.  Geese pass

bleating shadows.  The Cladd.  To be without is to misname

to name.  Not risen but ferried gaur to gaur…to gor.

Blizzard over’.  The chthonic frames the stars, satanic spokes.

These cart(i)ographing flowstone walls in this plungebasin

brought town to town down tracks through this metaphor called life

are arenot(s).  We’re touching This at best.



Nacré Fraternité is an invented phrase that means togetherness through surface.


LINKS / Salvatore Arancio / Alex Bunn / Richard Evans / Adham Faramawy / Joseph Harms - / Jo Nigoghossain / / Eva Rothschild