SIN-BIN / Colby Bird, Ernesto Burgos, Alex Eagleton, Brock Enright, Jack Lavender, Juliana Cerqueira Leite, George Henry Longly, Thomas McDonell & Michael Dopp

P.V. / Friday 6th October 6-10pm

OPEN / everyday Friday 6th October to Sunday 15th October 10am-5pm

FLAT:TWO is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by New York and London based artists who work in the seductive valley, resting between the grandiose mountain of sculpture and the mountain of objects.

Colby Bird / Bird’s animal like sculptures are often animated. Their causes and effects are precarious non-sequiturs. Their meanings obscure, yet familiar. His work in SIN-BIN screams ‘come, squeeze my lemon, see what happens….’
Ernesto Burgos / Ernesto Burgos creates modernist monsters. His work could be described as ‘Deceptive Expressionism’. Forms that look traditional or slow are formulated through fast-moving performances with contemporary materials. Fiberglass looks like ceramic. A ceramic seems to be a rock. His pseudo-modernism appears Picassoesque but it’s attitude is more like a hyper-charged Citroen Picasso. 
Alex Eagleton / New York’s urban frivolity pulsates through Eagleton’s practice. Bongs, carpets, slang and obtuse sculptural cravings find their home in his Bodega influenced installations, wall hangings, paintings and performances. A carnival of the discarded.
Brock Enright / A good performance can last forever in the minds of those who experience it. It only stops evolving once it has been completely forgotten. Enright’s work seems to be inspired not from the external world, but from within the minds of this audience. Their thoughts and memories are made real, coagulating with their darkest fears, desires, hopes and nightmares.

Jack Lavender / Space and time conflate in Jack Lavender’s work. Grids are used to displace meanings that lie on the dust of a cats meow. Materials become images, figures become forms and meanings ebb with the tides of oceans made from piles of discarded flyers caught in the whirlwind of psychedelic tobacco box fantasies.
Juliana Cerqueira Leite / Leite builds her own prisons, and like mythological beasts breaking the shell of their immense eggs, she escapes her clay enclaves. By tooth and claw she emerges into the world, leaving the shattered remnants to the sneer of Ozymandias’ cold commands.
George Henry Longly / ‘Where do ideas come from?’ and ‘How are they explored?’ sings George Henry Longly’s work. Abstract sculptures - the works have roots that sink deep into ideas. Technology, performance and sexuality intertwine like expanding dark matter, inflating the parameters of his internal world.
Thomas McDonell & Michael Dopp / If L.A. artists Thomas McDonell & Michael Dopp’s work were a drinking song it would probably be to the rhythm of a repetitive underground tremor. A throb emanating from the artist run space Arturo Bandini, and triangulating itself using everyone’s kitchens. Their participatory vessels haunt the everyday act of drinking, turning the ritual of a private view beverage into a tequila ceremony to be savored and sipped like a crisp, clean California morning… be transported.

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