CLOSE ENOUGH / Rachel Pimm & Matt Calderwood

ONE NIGHT ONLY / Sat 29th April 6-10pm

FLAT:TWO is pleased to present a one night show with work by Rachel Pimm and Matt Calderwood.

“Now I will tell you about Panopia, a city of pillars built on the shores of a vast industrial desert. This is a city of cardboard houses, corrugated huts, bubble wrapped terraces and polystyrene mansions. These fantastic dwellings are ornately decorated with trellises, cornices, patios and doors of all shapes and sizes. All the houses exist on one plane supported by a network of communication tunnels. These tunnels connect the thousands of glass pillars that join the ground to the heavens.

Imprisoned in these pillars are all the government officials necessary to running the city: accountants, dignitaries, clerks, copywriters, bankers, ministers, policy makers and lawyers. They live, breath and die in the pillars. Their children take over their jobs when they die. The tubes connecting the pillars supply their food and take away their waste. The citizens are free to move around the city consulting these ‘pillars of the city’ at any time and place.

Instead of looking outward to their world, stuck in institutions and swamped by layers of bureaucracy the people look past and through the government pillars, towards each other. They are kindly to their neighbours, they share and talk, educate and create. They have no laws and there is no crime except for the existence of the city itself and the miserable lives of the imprisoned drones sacrificed for the sake of Panopia’s happiness. The citizens consider this a price worth paying.”

For the first show in FLAT:TWO Matt Calderwood and Rachel Pimm have been asked to present work on the two square columns in the centre of the space. The work looks out from the centre rather than the more conventional perspective of looking into the space from the gallery walls. Their constrained exhibition space draws focus away from the gallery and into a dialogue with the architecture and between each other. The space around the works will be given to the audience. The visitors stand facing the work, facing each other.  

Both Matt Calderwood and Rachel Pimm are known for engaging with social, political and architectural structures in their different practices. Calderwood’s work predominantly focuses on the body and interdependent materials and Pimm’s on the social and political impact of materials in ecology and ecosystems. Both employ a system based practice where the outcome of the work is defined by following ideas created by a close investigation of materials inherent properties and it’s relationship to the physical world they exist in.

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